Multipus is the word which describes me most: I have started my career in 2007 as a data warehouse tester and, along the way, I have fulfilled different roles from technical analyst to data engineer to software engineer to team lead. I enjoy working with data, being it offline or online, batch or real time.

I have a vast experience in both on-prem and cloud data platforms (AWS) and data management is at the core of my work: I always keep an eye on auditability, reproducibility and immutability. I am a huge supporter of the DataOps movement.

Hands-on is what I enjoy the most: coding, testing, code reviews and documentation. I like to learn new technologies and I am able to use them quickly in a production setup, following best practices. I code mostly in Python, but I am familiar with Scala too. With regards to data, I am SQL proficient in both pure database stack, as in Python. Data quality, data modeling and data cleansing are in the center whenever I work with data.

When I speak of data platforms, my experience is in E2E data pipeline design, architecture, development and operations, following (in most cases) Inmon’s architecture and Kimball’s dimensional approach, on Data Warehouse (DWH) or Data Lakehouse (DLH), centralized or self-service.

When I speak of application development, my experience is in E2E solution design, architecture, development and operations, following (in most cases) normalization techniques and micro-services.

In my free time I like to experiment with technologies, while trying to document (on Medium) how easy is it to get my data as a private consumer.